Hey guys the weather has been fantastic this week. I did alot of things beside working and I'm glad I found some time to recover for the coming week, which is the start of school again for 2 months. Who needs to save their grades? If yes, I'm in your team for sure. But I'm actually not afraid,  because I always manage to pass through the semester haha.

On wednesday I had the time to meet my friend Tiffany, who lives in London now. I was glad to meet her again. We had some intense conversation about life, projects and photography. I love when your friends have the same interests as you, isn't that amazing? Somehow, we managed to take some pictures and this is the result.

I have the feeling that we feel so comfortable wearing essential pieces. And to be honest the outfit will look fabulous if you mix them together. That is what I did with this outfit. I wanted it as comfortable as possible but still fashionable. I decided to wear ripped skinny jeans from H&M, a denim jacket from H&M as well and a black sweater with a zipper on the left side from Cheap Monday. I also wore my Dr. Martens, which are actually my favorite shoes at the moment. I chose to take my favorite backpack from Topman with me, which is very useful to take your cam, books or whatever you need with you.

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Denim jacket - H&M
Sweater - Cheap Monday
Ripped skinny jeans - H&M
Shoes - Dr. Martens
Backpack - Topman

Camouflage Warrior

Lately we have been working hard for the blog. We want to make a better place for you guys but also to be taken serious in the fashion industry. I think we are taking the posts more serious now and want to get high quality content as some of the top fashion blogs in the world. We have been also taking out everything from our creativity for our shootings we do every week for you and I have to admit that it has been a hard time. Olivia (the main photographer of my outfit pictures) and I should be proud of what we have created so far and we're kind of happy about it, because we live in a suburb of the capital of Switzerland Bern where there are no fashion weeks, not alot of people with unique personal styles and last and least nice,  there aren't alot of people that are interested in fashion, who we can share our passion with. But I do not see this as a disadvantage, it's the opposite! We can use this gap of fashion blogs in Switzerland to inspire people and give them ideas for their daily outfits.

We have always told you that we will try to work with brands that could fit everyone and also with brands that have a discreetly prize. There will be also luxury brands that we will collaborate with for our luxury-freaks, so don't be afraid!

Today I want to introduce you an amazing brand, which makes premium clothes and accessories for men and women, called Superdry. Their designs are made in England but the special thing that you can see is how they play smart with different colors and patterns. They describe themself as spirit of Japan, and I totally agree! 

In this post I'm wearing their Camouflage shirt, which made me realize that I just can't renounce to that pattern. This is a piece that every man should have in their wardrobe,  it can be camouflage patterned shirt or just the denim way. I added to this shirt some accessories from Pasito. I love how the scarf and the sunglasses look together with the shirt. 

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Camouflage shirt - Superdry
Scarf - Pasito
Sunglasses - Sundaze

Denim Game

The weather is so fine lately. I have waited so long to have 20 degrees or even more when I enjoy my day outside. This week has been exhausting, because of the fact that I have to work during these two weeks of school break, whatever. This year is going to be amazing for the blog, can't wait to tell you more about it. There will be alot of surprises that were only possible making sacrifices. 

The outfit in this article is as casual as possible. I'm lately being more the casual type of guy when it comes to fashion. I love to combine sporty pieces with casual pieces together, which make the looks much more comfortable in general and I think I'm not the only one who likes stylish and comfortable looks, right?

I wore black skinny jeans from Cheap Monday, which are still one of my favorite jeans ever. The fact that they are very stretchy makes them so comfy. As top I wore a shirt with a very artistic pattern, which is from Casual Friday and the denim jacket is from H&M, which gives to the outfit the perfect chilly looking that was missing in this outfit. I paired the outfit with my Adidas Superstar in white with black stripes and as accessory I decided to go for my Topman fake leather backpack and sunglasses from Lespecs, which were very helpful during that sunny and warm day.

I hope you like this outfit you can use any day you like in Spring. I wish you a great start in the week and I hope to see you soon here again. Do not forget to leave feedbacks, they're always appreciated!

Denim Jacket - H&M
Shirt long sleeve - Casual Friday
Skinny jeans - Cheap Monday
Sneakers - Adidas Originals
Sunglasses - Lespecs
Backpack - Topman

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