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It is unbelievable how the year is almost about to end. In this month of December, I finally found time for the blog. I'm actually very surprised how I managed a lot of things without being tired. Is it me that is better with the management of my life or am I getting used to the stress? It is still a mistery but let's hope it's the first one.

The weather is acting crazy lately. Days ago it was so cold and now it is too warm to be December. The fact that there isn't snow are very good news for me (I'm not the winter jacket fan) but also bad, because I imagined my Christmas time with snow. However, at least I can let my winter jackets in my wardrobe.

Today I wore very simple, because not everyday is a runway for me. I got these denim jeans from Topman, which is one of my favorite brands at the moment. They have amazing pieces for a good price! I also decided to wear this sweater with zippers on the shoulder zone. I grabbed my leather jacket and wore after centuries my suede derbies, which are still in a good form but as they got a bit wet, they look different on the picture. The outfit would be boring if I wouldn't use any accessories. How do you like this outfit?

As I'm on a school break, there will be several posts this month. I'm so glad I have the time now. There will be also a big giveaway on my Instagram, which will start in January. So, that's it... See you on Thursday here again!

Outfit of the day
Oversized jeans: Topman
Suede derbies molliere: Tiger of Sweden
Sweater with zipper: H&M (similar HERE)
Cap: Primark
Leather jacket: Zara
Belt: Bally
Socks: Nike

Dark Twist

The days are getting very short and the temperature is falling down as the days pass. It is still the probably best time of the year, Christmas time. I didn't buy all gifts yet but I will definitely get them on Sunday (going to Geneva) or next week when I have the opportunity  to buy them in Milan. I also need to decorate the house, since no-one want to do it, because they don't want to clean up everything after Christmas time haha.

This week is my last school week, which means: No school, no homework, no waking up early but the most I appreciate is that there won't be any exams that will decide about your future. I still need to learn over the holidays, because my semester is not over yet, but this break will give me energy to start then in the new year. 

As one of my best friends came over this morning, I woke up quite early so we could enjoy the morning. I didn't know what to wear, I mean on these freezing days you just want to go out with your blanket. I decided to wear my new suede high sneakers from Alberto Guardiani, they are so comfortable and perfect to wear on cold days but also in other occasions. I combined it with Cheap Monday skinny jeans, a denim shirt under the sweater. I have no idea but this style is undefined. You can say it's a mix between classy, sporty, gothic and casual. How do you like this combination? As always, your thoughts are very welcomed!

Outfit of the day
Sweater: Jack and Jones
Denim shirt long sleeve: Blend
Skinny jeans: Cheap Monday
Suede high sneakers: Alberto Guardiani
Hat: H&M
Leather backpack: Topman

Black And White Sporty

Lately I feel so exhausted. I knew Winter would never be my season, but I didn't expect that it would affect me so hard. I still feel very tired since weeks, thanks god holodays are about to start on Friday, this makes me so happy! I need to get the gifts for my family before it gets too late. Also the house decoration should be done today, but as no-one had time, it will take a bit longer.

On that day I was in Zurich with a friend to do some Christmas shopping. This city has a lot to offer, when it comes to fashion. It is huge against to my little homecity Berne. As I'm going before Christmas to Milan, I decided to buy nearly every gift there.

Back to fashion now. I have been loving these black and white looks, because of the reason that they're easy to match, looking good with no effort and these two colors are timeless. I love my new sneakers from Adidas, which makes the look brighter with it's white color and shape. I wore a scarf which matches perfectly to the whole outfit and it allowed me to wear the sneakers, because without the scarf the shoes would dominate the whole outfit and there wouldn't be any balance. As it was very cold, I wore my oversized sweater, which has part of fake leather. I added the cap to the outfit, because I had a really bad hair day. How do you like this look? I would love to read your feedback as always!

outfit of the day
Sweater with fake leather parts: Urban Outfitters
Skinny jeans: H&M
Sneakers: Adidas Originals
Jacket: Been Trill
Cap: Primark

Sweater Weather Part II


Lately my life has changed a lot also in the term of fashion and how I see things I would see different months ago. I feel like I'm mature but there is still the kid in me when it comes to having fun with friends. I'm sure you, as a reader of my blog, like how I evolve my style with the time and that is what makes a blog unique, everyone has his/her own story and it would be boring if everyone had the same story and style.

This week, that is about to end, was really fun! There were a lot of good surprises. I also went with all my collegues from work to eat, at the end we ended up in a club, where it was really funny. The coming week is the last hard week I have in school, I'm so glad I made it successfully to the new semester that begins in late January.

It is freezing right now in Switzerland. I don't know if I will survive this winter but thanks to this very cozy and comfortable knitted sweater I think I might have a chance. I'm pairing this amazing sweater with my favorite black jeans ever I would die for, seriously. I also wore my new leather loafers, which are so practical to wear if you're in a hurry and also the shape such as the color are timeless. I grabbed my bomber jacket again, because I was truly in a hurry, but you will see soon my new coat! 

Did you like this casual chic outfit? I will leave soon to Milan, I'm so glad to be back there but only for a day, because I need to go to school then. For now I wish you a happy first advent.

Outfit of the day
Knitted sweater: H&M
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Leather loafers: Allen Edmonds
Bomber jacket: Been Trill

Leo Print Minimalism


This month just flew away so fast. It's soon Christmas time and I'm looking forward to it. I have always loved to buy gifts for my family, which is always a challenge to find the perfect one but also to decorate the house and bake some cookies. This year I will start a bit earlier, because I won't have as much time as I had last year on Christmas to find the gifts. There is a lot of work to do and there might be some exams I need to write before the holidays start.

Back to fashion. I have asked myself lately this strange question: Is there a pattern that never gets old or boring in the fashion industry? Yes, the leo print has been since the fifties a big hype and even now in 2014. I remember I bought this leo print sweater from H&M last year and I thought I would get bored of it. I honestly got bored of it after wearing it twice, but it was maybe because I was insecure wearing such a pattern. Now, one year later, I'm totally glad I didn't donate it (I always donate my old clothes or I give them to poor people when I go to Colombia). I chose the minimalistic way to match this leo print sweater, which is actually quite difficult to combine but yet so easy, sounds weird but it's true. I'm wearing my favorite skinny Jeans that contain the perfect shape to let shine the boots. As it's cold but still not cold enough to wear a jacket, I decided to wear my biker synthetic leather jacket and a beanie. Also my leather backpack is matching perfectly to this such as my chelsea boots. Animal print in general and leather are such a good combination! What do you think about this look? I would love to read some feedbacks of you guys.

I want to thank you all for supporting this place! I has been an incredible and successful year with a lot of experiences. I also thank everyone that follows me on Instagram, it's amazing that over 4'000 people follow my everyday. See you here again!

Outfit of the day
Leo patterned sweater: H&M (Divided F/W 13)
Skinny jeans: H&M
Synthetic biker leather jacket: Zara (similar Here)
Beanie: Snipes
Welted chelsea boot: Church's
Sunglasses: Lespecs

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