Mr. Grey 2.0

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing fantastic. The weather here in Switzerland seems to get better and the days are already very long. I have always loved that time if the year, when you're able to shoot at the end of the day, after school or training. I think those who do not blog full-time appreciate this.

It has been two weeks since the last article that has been published.  I don't think you need an explaining of my side, you may know that my private life is sometimes too stressful to keep blogging after a hard and exhausting day. Also the fact that I don't want to fail this semester, takes me alot of time away from taking pictures, writing a new article or anything that is related to the blog.

In this outfit post I'm wearing a very casual outfit and actually using trend pieces that you can get easily or you have them already in your wardrobe. I have been loving these pants since the day I got them. I honestly would sleep with them. I combined those super comfy pants with my docs and my bomber jacket that I have been using so much lately. A new piece in this outfit is the polo shirt, which has such a great pattern and it's from Calvin Klein. I usually never wear polos but this one blew me away!

I hope you like the outfit and as usually the details of the outfit will follow in this post. Thank you so much for stopping by and I'm looking forward to read your comments.

Polo shirt - Calvin Klein
Pants - Topman
Shoes - Dr. Martens
Bomber jacket - Been Thrill
Backpack - Topman

Dancing in the Dark


It has been a beautiful week so far. The weather is nice (seems like Spring has arrived) and there is no stress to handle in school. It is probably true, the sun shines after a storm and I can feel it! There is also alot going on at the momemt that will become more relevant when the fashion week in Berlin starts (you have to wait until July, sorry!). However, I want say thank you to everyone for this huge support you are giving us, we are so glad that people out there actually like our passionate work we do and we hope we can inspire you more and more the next years.

As promised, here is the second outfit post not only featuring Blend but also Casual Friday. As you already know I'm in love with the pieces that they do. They are minimalistic and still fashionable, the things I look for before I buy something. In my opinion you should give them a try and see by yourself how it is you won't regret it because I didn't as well.

This time I went for a very minimalistic look, which I could use for school, to do chilly activities or just in case I want to go to Starbucks... On a Tuesday. I have always loved those kind of looks you feel comfortable with. And also the fact that I don't want to get too much attention sometimes, it's perfect. This look is something that everyone could wear, not only teenager as I am but also adults when they have a day off and want to keep it simple.

I'm wearing a grey oversized and long-sleeved shirt, which is from Casual friday. It has been one of my favorite ones, because you can use it also under another sweater and the lenght is perfect. I'm also  wearing these black jeans from Blend for the first time and there is always a pair of black jeans that become your most used, I have found mines. I completed my look with a black sweater and my Doctor Martens. 

How do you like this outfit? There will be 3 more outfits showing you what a great collection they have. I'm so excited to show you guys the looks. Have you any idea what style the next outfit will be? Trust me, you will love it. Stay tuned guys!

Oversized shirt - Casual Friday
Sweater - Topman
Jeans - Blend
Shoes - Dr. Martens

Gemini Neutral


Here I am, still alive after all. I'm sorry again for letting you wait so long. The problem was the weather here in Switzerland that prevented me to shoot for this outfit, which has a relationship with a collaboration of a brand I personally like. As I like to do my job perfectly, it was a good decision I made to wait. 

You probably remember that I was at fashion week in Berlin weeks ago, right? Well, beside admiring the fashion shows, eating delicious food and cabbing from one place to the other, I had a meeting, which was about to admire the collection of Blend and its sub-brand Casual Friday. I have to say that I was insecured on my way to the meeting. A couple of brands didn't take me seriously before or still, because I'm so young and supposely immature to make such kind of business. Blend / Casual Friday is actually the first brand that is taking me and my blog seriously to be honest! They are so kind and they give their ideas and respect my ideas as well.

Casual Friday represents a young-adult man, who is fashionable, works hard and very focused on his goal. I think these mentioned characteristics concern me and probably alot of you guys. I do not introduce to you guys stuff that doesn't match to me or my personality, because that would be like selling my blog. and the reason I started this place was the fact that I could decide what to write about. The thing I like the most about the brand Casual Friday is that they stay minimalistic and use neutral colors, which I'm fan of. With their pieces you can make everyday to your Friday! I'm also feeling honored to be the first online influencer to wear their Autumn Opening 15 collection.

This first outfit is all about the contrasts colors, which have been used, reused and abused of me. But It is so easy to combine if your clothes are white and black and it goes faster to wash your clothes, because you only have to separate the white and black pieces from eachother, haha!

I'm wearing a long-sleeve shirt from Casual Friday, which is my favorite one at the moment. The color as perfect as the cut and you can combine it to alot of things. I decided to wear these grey trousers, because I wanted to try something new and they are so comfy. As it was very fresh outside (but I can feel the Spring already, yeey!) I wore a college sweater and a bomber jacket and to complete the look I used Adidas x Stan Smith in core black.

I invite you to follow them on Instagram by clicking Casual Friday Instagram or Blend Instagram. There are a lot of looks that are about to be published this month, enjoy this post and do not forget to write your oppinion!

Bomber jacket - Been Trill
College sweater - Casual Friday AO15
Oversized long-sleeved shirt - Casual Friday AO15
Trousers - Topman
Sneakers - Adidas Originals

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