Leo Print Minimalism


This month just flew away so fast. It's soon Christmas time and I'm looking forward to it. I have always loved to buy gifts for my family, which is always a challenge to find the perfect one but also to decorate the house and bake some cookies. This year I will start a bit earlier, because I won't have as much time as I had last year on Christmas to find the gifts. There is a lot of work to do and there might be some exams I need to write before the holidays start.

Back to fashion. I have asked myself lately this strange question: Is there a pattern that never gets old or boring in the fashion industry? Yes, the leo print has been since the fifties a big hype and even now in 2014. I remember I bought this leo print sweater from H&M last year and I thought I would get bored of it. I honestly got bored of it after wearing it twice, but it was maybe because I was insecure wearing such a pattern. Now, one year later, I'm totally glad I didn't donate it (I always donate my old clothes or I give them to poor people when I go to Colombia). I chose the minimalistic way to match this leo print sweater, which is actually quite difficult to combine but yet so easy, sounds weird but it's true. I'm wearing my favorite skinny Jeans that contain the perfect shape to let shine the boots. As it's cold but still not cold enough to wear a jacket, I decided to wear my biker synthetic leather jacket and a beanie. Also my leather backpack is matching perfectly to this such as my chelsea boots. Animal print in general and leather are such a good combination! What do you think about this look? I would love to read some feedbacks of you guys.

I want to thank you all for supporting this place! I has been an incredible and successful year with a lot of experiences. I also thank everyone that follows me on Instagram, it's amazing that over 4'000 people follow my everyday. See you here again!

Outfit of the day
Leo patterned sweater: H&M (Divided F/W 13)
Skinny jeans: H&M
Synthetic biker leather jacket: Zara (similar Here)
Beanie: Snipes
Welted chelsea boot: Church's
Sunglasses: Lespecs

Sale Of The Year At East Dane/Shopbop

It is always a pleasure when you can get a huge amount of discount at your favorite online-store, right? Of course it is! I'm inviting you to go through the online shop East Dane for all my male readers  around the world or Shopbop if you are a female reader. There are no brand exclusions, and with this sale, the more you purchase the better the savings. I would also suggest you and your friends for a group purchase to get the biggest savings! The sale begins Tuesday, November 25 7:00AM U.S. Eastern (New York) time zone through Monday December 1, 11:59PM Pacific (L.A.) time zone.
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Spend $1000 = 25% off
It is a great opportunity to get your Christmas gifts and avoid the stress in the city buying your Christmas gifts while you're sweating and running up and down the city. 
You can find more information HERE about the discount, good luck and let the "who will get it first" game begin!

Wang Classic


It's been a while since I published an outfit post. I had a lot going on these past 2 weeks. School was very very hard and the fact that I had to focus on my exams for the 3rd semester didn't make it possible to take pictures, also the daylight disappears very quickly in Winter. The school stress is about to go away, I'm already looking forward to have more time for the blog.

Today I'm wearing a fantastic Alexander Wang T-Shirt, which has an amazing color. I really love it, since you can combine it with a lot and it's a timeless piece and you know I love to invest my money in pieces I can even wear the coming seasons. As shoes I decided to wear my brand new chelsea boots from the brand Church's. I must admit I always wanted a pair of them but I couldn't find the right ones. These boots had a price you would think about it twice or maybe three times but the quality and as it's a welted shoe model I had to say yes, and not to forget about its timeless shape and color. I also wore my bomber jacket that gives the perfect balance between casual, urban and chic to this outfit.

I hope you liked this post after a long time (I'm exagerating, right?). I would love to read your words about this outfit. I also thought to link you the items I wore on this post at the end of the post. See you soon here, have a great Sunday!

Outfit of the day
Basic t-shirt: Alexander Wang
Skinny jeans: H&M
Bomber jacket: Been Trill (available at Pacsun in yale blue)
Chealsea boots: Church's

Mercedes Benz Fashion Days Zurich


Like every year, it was time for Switzerland to show what it got from the word fashion. My day was very hectic, since I needed to work and finish other things, but I made it actually on time. I got ready in the train because there was no time to waste, we really appreciated every minute we had.

When I arrived, I was already annoyed of the imagination of the people that would be there. To be honest with you, I would say I do not like 80 percent of the people in the fashion industry. Fake, a way too ambitioned, acting like "I-Am-So-Important-And-Well-Known" and the worst of all dressing depending on their mood (b*tch mood?). And there was me, dressed all black, very calmed and avoiding everything possible to not get attention.

After some minutes, it was time for the only one and last fashion show, where I was able to admire 4 talented swiss designer. Every designer got inspired by different things, places, etc.

Aziza Zina: Everyone was expecting something really big by the designer Morena Gonzalez and Moritz Stoll. The collection was amazing for me but I didn't feel like everyone cherished it. 

Little Black Dress & Stefanie Biggel: These two designer surprised me in the positive way. Minimalistic, artistic and amazing, these words match perfectly to their collection. 

I'm looking forward to next year's fashion days in Zurich. I'm not sure if I want to go next year, but I hope I will change my mind. See you soon guys!

Men's Travel Objects


As a fashion blogger, you travel a lot. And when I say a lot, I really mean it. As I'm still studying, I can't really accept every business trip, but I will finish in Summer 2016 and I might take a year off to focus myself on the blog. I know, I'm risking a lot but as you guys are very supportive, it will be a success. Have you already noticed that my blog has its own domain now? Yes, I took my blog a step forward and I'm happy about it.

Let's go back to the theme, travelling. It is very annoying, when you are about to fly away and your phone's battery just give up on the airplane. Believe me, it happened to me a couple of times. I was lately confronted with this situation when I flew to Miami. As the airplane was kind of old fashioned, there were nothing to charge it, even the flight assistant told me she couldn't help me. I got a power source that you are able to charge your phone, tablet, iPods, etc. up to 100%. The good thing is that it charges efficiently two devices at the same time. Also the looking of my dual power bank is perfect with its wood cover, you can find some of Triple C products HERE.

I change a lot the case of my iPhone, because it should fit with the outfit you are wearing. I got this amazing iPhone case from Marc Jacobs, which do not make my iPhone heavy, like some of the cases. Also the color is perfect to me, since I like to wear black and white. You can find a lot of phone cases HERE.

Comfortable and stylish shoes is the most important key for traveling. I decided to get Chucks, also known as Converse All Star Classics in white, because you can't go wrong with them. They match almost with everything, they are very light and very comfy. You can find the Chucks HERE.

I hope you liked this post. I would love to read about your traveling objects. Before I forget it, a big fat huge thank you to East Dane for sponsoring me the things. See you soon people!

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