Instadiary February


I'm so sorry for still not posting an outfit today, but also for not publishing an article since two weeks or something. I had to learn for a bunch of exams last week and this week I got sick before the weekend knocked on the door and other things happened to me, which will definitely change my way of thinking when it comes to life. Also the weather is acting crazy from snow to rain and then to sun. I think that is common here in Switzerland. These were the reasons I couldn't shoot, but as the days are getting longer there will be better times for this place, trust me!

Instead of abandoning you like that, I decided to post an article about what's going on on my Instagram lately. I'm kind of obsessed with that app and I think I'm not the only one, right? 

Being honest, on Instagram I'm telling and showing people about my private life. I think as a fashion blogger you should let people have a look in your life, of course there are limits but at least you should do it. I have been posting beautiful pictures, it can be architecture or outfit of the day, there is for everyone something they're interested in. I invite you to follow me on Instagram by clicking HERE or searching my username it's @xamysdiary.

I wish you a wonderful new start in the week and you'll hear from me later this week with a special project I did for you. I also wanted to use this opportunity to thank everyone, we are over 5'000 on Instagram and it keeps growing. You guys are seriously the best and to give you love back there will be a surprise for every reader (not based on location), you are going to love it but you have to wait a little bit longer.

Do it again


Sundays have become one of my favorite days during the week. I manage to do everything I wanted to do like cleaning my room, doing homework or learning, prepairing the new article or just relaxing. I have been doing the mentioned things today, I felt so productive!

The weather is getting better in Switzerland and I think everyone is happy about it. That's the reason I decided to wear a look for days in Spring. It was still quite cold in the shadow but in the sun was so warm. I wore my new jacket which is so cool. I love the combination of textil and fake lambskin and the biker cut made me actually buy this jacket. I paired it to washed skinny jeans and chelsea boots. The knitted sweater is perfect for me, as I like them a bit oversize and even if I do not like to wear often colors I like it alot. My cap saved me from my bad hair day, so it has been one of my favorite accessories in Winter (not the mood to do my hair though haha).

I won't post so much next week, because there is alot to do for school but there will be at least 2 posts I promise. By the way, how do you like this outfit? Let me your opinion in a comment!

Biker jacket - H&M
Knitted sweater - Jack & Jones
Skinny jeans - H&M
Chelsea boots - Church's
Cap - Primark

Mode Suisse Edition 7


I'm always excited when my agenda shows me that the Mode Suisse is finally going to start. It has been since when I started this blog one of my favorite events and I think that will stay like that forever. I always love to meet fashionable people I only know from the internet and especially in Switzerland they are so freaking nice and the collection so admirable, every designer is special on his own.

The day was very hectic for me as the most of the days in my everyday life, as a student and fashion blogger and shop assistant and family member and - to finish these long, not so fictive occupations - friend. I needed to wake up early, since I had a one-hour train ride from Bern, the city where I live and the city my heart is refusing, to Zürich. As I had an exam on the same day, I had the great, smart idea to learn on the way there and after that I was feeling so ready for the exam. No, this is not going to end like a good written book of a 18-years old fashionist... I barely made it but at least the shows before I wrote the test gave me so much inspiration and a great memory.

Back to the main topic. The Swiss designers has become very competent to New York, Milan, Paris and London. For me they surpassed Berlin but the tastes of fashion are different from person to person. I saw alot of neutral colors white, black and grey, which are my big loves. I also liked the cuts and materials some designers used like fur and silk, and I could finally see the Julian Zigerli show which I missed in Berlin.

I will show you on the pictures outfits of my favorite designers Adrian Reber, Julian Zigerli and Stein Rohner. I won't post every picture, because there are for sure over 100 and I don't think you want to scroll down the whole day/night. I recommend you to visit my Instagram profile, which has some videos of the shows! I'm sorry about the quite bad quality, I still don't manage to take runway pictures but I will learn it. See you soon!

Instagram @xamysdiary